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My teaching philosophy

I believe that everyone can learn math well, contrary to mainstream thinking, to be good at Math, you do not need a lot of talent, what is more important are inspiration, encouragement, interest and discipline.

Some people start with inspiration, whether it is from a very engaging teacher, or from a science fiction book that they read in leisure time, they learn that math is not just a bunch of formulas and problem sets, but a way to describe nature and nature laws.

Some people start with being encouraged, maybe it is from a very patient and friendly teacher or tutor, the student learnt that he or she does not have to be afraid of making mistakes , and you shouldn't! Making mistakes is a huge part of learning process, and knowing what you don't know is very crucial to making progress.

Some people have interest in Math and Science, this is not a very common case, but it always started with some randomness in life, maybe you look at the sky one day, and you wonder what is the structure of our universe, maybe you see a beautiful flower in the park , and that makes you wonder what is the mechanism behind to keep the flower alive.

And some people, start with discipline, which is systematically doing math questions and progress gradually, and when they see their progress, they then can cultivate the interest and get inspiration from the subject.

As the saying goes "All roads lead to Rome.", I hope we can enjoy this Math journey together.

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